Make, Hack, Void is a makerspace that provides ACT residents with a multi-use workshop and meeting space in Giralang.

Make, Hack, Void is modeled on an international community of like minded spaces that started in Germany in 1995. It supports and encourages arts, science and technology culture in the ACT by providing a physical space for Canberra residents, as well as national and international visitors to meet, interact and create.

We hold public meetups regularly on most Tuesday nights. These meetups are where we invite you to join us and chat, get help or advice, or talk about your projects. We are open at other times throughout the week for drop ins, general hacking and socialising; check our Facebook group for planned sessions or notifications of the space opening.

Our group includes people with diverse backgrounds and interests. Make, Hack, Void is dedicated to a harassment-free experience for everyone. See our Code of Conduct.