• Garage/workshop area with workbenches suitable for woodwork, metalwork and mechanical jobs
  • Indoor meeting area with space for working on projects, suitable for electronics, smaller projects and crafts
  • Informal space with couch and kitchenette for hanging out

Workshop equipment


  • Handheld power tools - drills and drivers
  • Heat guns, sealing iron
  • Stanley knives, scoring knives
  • Small & large clamps
  • Safety equipment - eye & ear protection, gloves


  • Wood lathe (w/ tools)
  • Circular saws (w/ tracks)
  • Compound mitre saws/drop saws
  • Jigsaws
  • Reciprocating saw
  • Multi tool
  • Belt & disc sanders
  • Hand tools - chisels, files, hand plane, saws, hammers
  • Kreg joining jigs
  • (Currently under repair) Table saw
  • (Currently under repair) Router table
  • (Temporarily inaccessible) Band saw


  • MIG welder (currently flux core only)
  • TIG welder on request or BYO (Argon gas available)
  • Stick welder
  • Angle grinder
  • Table top grinders
  • Drill press


  • Socket sets
  • Wrenches
  • Screwdrivers with various bits and allen keys
  • (Currently unavailable) Jacks and jack stands
  • Duct tape and cable ties ;)


  • Various paints, solvents, cleaners and lubricants
  • Recycled/pallet wood
  • Scrap metal tubing
  • (Currently being sorted for use) Fasteners


  • Soldering & rework stations and tools
  • Oscilloscopes and multimeters
  • Various SMD & through-hole components available

Light duty/prototyping

  • Small scale laser cutter suitable for MDF, plywood & acrylic
  • (Currently under repair) 3D printers
  • Sewing machine